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Undiscovered Scotland is a great source of information for travel anywhere in Scotland. I refer to it frequently.

Historic Scotland is the agency that cares for many of the ancient sites I have visited.

English Heritage is their sister organization to the south.

The Megalithic Portal is a great source of extensive information on ancient sites in Britain and throughout the world.


Orkneyjar is a fabulous site covering all aspects of the heritage of the Orkney Islands. It is the work of local writer Sigurd Towrie.

Lighthouse Friends is a website maintained by a lighthouse obsessive named Kraig Anderson. You can lose a few days there, reading about lighthouses in the US and Canada.

The Castles of Wales is an impressively comprehensive website maintained by a gentleman named Jeffrey L Thomas. Nearly 300 castles are documented, most photographed, and there is a vast number of essays and articles on Welsh castles and related themes.


Whisky Whisky Whisky is where I do most of my whisky chatting these days.

Malt Advocate is a great American magazine dedicated to whisky and, to a lesser extent, beer.

Whisky Magazine is a glossy British publication, and host to the forums where I met many of my fellow whisky lovers around the world.

CAMRA (the Campaign for Real Ale) is a British consumer organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of British cask ale and pub culture.

WhiskyCast is Mark (Dizzy) Gillespie's top-notch podcast featuring news and interviews from the world of whisky.


A selection of my favorite musicians:

The Battlefield Band are the foremost exponents of Scottish neotraditional music.

Old Blind Dogs are the other foremost exponents of Scottish neotraditional music.

Tony McManus is a virtuosic celtic-eclectic guitarist from Scotland, now living in Ontario.

Kathryn Tickell is a great Northumbrian piper from, uh, Northumbria.

Richard Thompson is simply one of the greatest musicians walking the face of the earth, a triple-threat singer/guitarist/songwriter equally fluent in traditional and modern styles.

Annbjørg Lien, the astonishing Norwegian Hardanger fiddle and nyckelharpa player.

Gjallarhorn are an ethnic Swedish band from Finland with a unique multicultural outlook on Nordic music.

Värttinä began as a Finnish schoolgirls' folk music collective, and morphed into an adventurous folk-jazz band fronted by three to five female singers.

NorthSide is an American label specializing in Nordic music.


SaskTech Servers of Saskatchewan host this site. They offered a considerable amount of space for a very reasonable fee.

StatCounter of Ireland provided my free hit counter. Lots of web stats services provide free hit counters; these guys are the only ones I found who didn't put an ad, or at least a link back to their own site, on the counter, so I am happy to give them a link here. (The only drawback is they say they'll have to jack me up to a premium service if I get more than 9,000 page looks a day, so be careful out there!) If you are in the market for web stats services, please consider them.


Drookit Dram (A Stumblin' Distractions Liability) is the website of my frequent traveling companion, Ron. It includes hiking reports (notably the West Highland Way), gear reviews, preparation guides, and various other amusements, including the occasional Stupid Tattie trick.

Silent Source is my good friend Win's business. Silent Source is your 'one- stop-shop' for all your interior acoustical treatment and soundproofing needs, at very competitive prices! Tell him Mr Tattie Heid sent you.

I seem to have no other friends at this time, at least none with a web presence.

The North Atlantic Arc Mr Tattie Heid Home

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