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In July of 2007, I made a trip to Portland, Oregon, to attend my niece's wedding. I took advantage of the occasion to spend a week in the area, and I was very pleased to be able to spend some time with my good friend, Bex. She picked me up at the airport, and we went immediately to Edgefield, one of the McMenamins' marvelous brewpubs.

The McMenamins like to recycle interesting properties for their pubs, and it might be that none is more interesting than Edgefield, which was a poor farm during the Depression. The site now includes a hotel, restaurant, brewery, winery, and distillery.

The approach from the car park passes through lovely gardens. (There is not a strange plant growing out of the water tower, just poor framing by the photographer.)

What is it about poppies that is so psychedelic, even unprocessed?

This is one of several bars about the property, probably the most rustic and informal.

The hotel bar is much more cozy. Unfortunately, the only photo I took of it was of the curling stone doorstop.

The halls of the hotel are covered with murals, a few of which are shown in this collage. I'm sure I'm violating artists' copyright here, but hope I will be forgiven in the interest of promoting Edgefield.

We dined and enjoyed our pints on the patio.

Bex lives in Sandy, on a property owned by her sister. This is the view out her back window, of Mount Hood. Not too shabby. The berry orchard in the foreground is leased by Bex's sister to a local farmer.

The next day, we drove into Portland's Alphabet District, where I had arranged to visit the Clear Creek distillery. (Report and link to be added.)

Bex caught up with me at McMenamin's Tavern & Pool on 29th. Yes, we are looking very dorky today, thank you very much.

The dancing girls over the bar kept an eye on things.

Don't read this!

The next day (yes, there is a bit of a gap in the memory), Bex drove out toward Mount Hood, and showed me the area where she lived when she first came to Oregon--Zigzag, Government Camp. The forest is full of trails, and we took a walk on an easy but very interesting one.

Part of the trail coincides with the Oregon Trail, the route taken by the pioneers.

Believe it or not, the scree slope Bex is looking down was part of the route, described as the most difficult part of the trail. Wagons had to be lowered by ropes, or slowed by dragging trees behind them. It's very hard to believe that there wasn't an easier path.

Another trail led to an alpine lake. Sights along the way....

Devil's club

Cascade lily

Some kind of butterfly (a lepidopterist I'm not!)

None Shall Pass!
None shall pass!It's only a flesh wound! I'll bite your kneecap off!Mount Hood looms over all

Swimming hole

Next stop was the famous Timberline Lodge, on the slope of Mount Hood. Bex worked here her first couple years in Oregon. You may recognize the lodge as the location for exterior shots in The Shining.

The interiors were shot elsewhere, so you won't recognize this public area near the lobby.

The Sandy Mountain Festival took place on the weekend.

Bex volunteered at the noodle stand Saturday morning.

We drove into town to meet Ron, who took the train down from Seattle. At the front desk of his hotel, we were informed that Mr Thomson could be found at the Rock Bottom Brewery, a couple blocks away.

The rest of the day is a bit of a blur. (Cell phone photo.) We met my brother at his hotel for a beer, and then spent a while browsing in Powell's. After dinner, Bex left Ron and me in town.

The next morning, we had time for a walkabout, and I took this panorama down at the riverfront.

> > >

Bex arrived, and we dropped Ron at the train station. Then Bex and I attended my niece's wedding at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens. There is a page of photos; link furnished on request.

I enjoyed my week in Portland very much--it's a really cool town. It was great to hang out with Bex, as well. I'll be back.

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